Corn crackers: what is best?

When you go to a dietologist to have a hypocaloric and healthy diet, snacks -the so-called “hunger breakers”- throughout the day are highly recommended. It is better to prefer fresh food like fruit and vegetables, but also cereals that bring significant nutrients: that is why corn crackers are perfect protein-based and balanced snacks.

Properties and origin of corn

Corn is a perfect ingredient for many dishes. Very handy to prepare pasta or vegetable salads, it is also the main ingredient of ready-made snacks like crackers and energy bars.

But what are the properties and origins of corn? First of all, this cereal comes from South America and arrived in Europe after Cristoforo Colombo  discovered America in 1492.

Today many varieties have been discovered, including flint corn for yellow flour or pearl corn for popcorns. As far as its nutritional values, as mentioned above, it is rich in proteins, fibres, vitamins A and B, minerals like iron, potassium and magnesium and has only 63 calories every 100 grams. Furthermore, it does not contain gluten, therefore it is perfect for people with coeliac disease.

Corn and rice crackers: a combination of taste and health

Crackers are a concentrate of fibres, especially if they are prepared with other cereals such as rice in addition to corn. Actually corn and rice crackers are perfect substitutes for bread, and, being without gluten, they can be eaten also by people who suffer from food intolerance.

This type of snack is ideal alone, but with jam or soft cheese it is even more complete from a nutritional perspective.

Furthermore, rice and corn crackers are perfect “hunger breakers” if you practice sports, because they provide carbohydrates, used by the body to control its energy expenditure.

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