If you have a sweet tooth, one of the most timeless snacks to take with your favorite tea or herbal tea are filled biscuits. There are many varieties of biscuits in the market, and the choice varies according to individual tastes and, even, to personal traits. So… tell me who you are and I’ll tell you which biscuit is perfect for you!!

Jam filled biscuits: for those who never stop

Is your day full of commitments that you try to fit together like pieces of a puzzle? Then, you need a lot of energy. Then, there is nothing better than a quick snack that does not weigh you down, to be ready and alert to carrying out your next task. Your ideal biscuit is filled with jam, thanks to the energy only fruits can give.

Custard filled biscuits: for those who have sophisticated tastes

If you are a connoisseur who loves to surround her/himself with beautiful things and also reads books of some thickness, you need a biscuit with an exciting and refined filling. Nothing better than a biscuit with aromatic custard and a pleasantly enveloping consistency… undoubtedly, a snack that will satisfy all senses.

Chocolate filled biscuits: for those with a romantic soul

You like adventures and surprises but, no matter what, your romantic soul pulls you to the great classics, those that make your heart pound. Then, chocolate filled biscuits are the one for you: enveloping texture, characteristic aroma and a lot of sweetness. And if you want it to be eternal love, then try out the chocolate filled biscuit by Le Celizie: gluten free, lactose free, palm oil and GMO, for a taste… of love!