Nickel intolerance: recommended food and food to avoid

Nickel is a common metal that is found in objects we use every day and in our body. Every day we ingest huge quantities of nickel through many foods, such as whole cereals, dried fruit and legumes. Hypersensitivity and ailments occur more and more often. Unfortunately nickel intolerance cannot be treated, but a healthy diet can bring great benefits.

Nickel allergy: what are its symptoms?

The symptoms of nickel allergy can be both  in the short and long term. In the first case, the immune system reacts to nickel developing urticaria all over the body, eczema and rash. Gastrointestinal problems such as abdominal swelling, cramps and stomach burning should not be underestimated. In the long term a huge ingestion of nickel can affect the liver, which may have problems with expelling its excess. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the diet if you want to limit this ailment.

How to purify your liver from nickel

But how can you purify your liver if it is overloaded by an excessive consumption of this metal? A diet with a low nickel content can help, even though it is impossible to follow a completely nickel free diet: no food is 100% nickel free. It is possible to prefer the consumption of food with a low content of this metal, like dried fruit, lettuce, coffee, white flour and rice, limiting the consumption of cocoa, canned food, dried fruit, whole cereals and their derivatives, onions, spinach and tomatoes. Pasta and rice are allowed, but it is better to prefer products with a low content of nickel.

Tasty nickel free pasta and rice dishes

Following a tasty nickel free diet is easy, if you choose to prepare delicious pasta and rice dishes using top quality pasta and rice. White corn pasta, for example, is a way to enjoy the main dish of the Mediterranean diet, whereas rice can be used in many dishes, such as risotto,  timbales and salads. Nickel free pasta and rice dishes are therefore a good choice if you suffer from this allergy and also if you want a healthier diet and lifestyle. Le Celizie, which has been carefully selecting its top quality products since the beginning, offers a wide range of products to prepare nickel free pasta and rice dishes, including our fine Carnaroli rice, that perfectly holds to cooking and absorbs its sauce, resulting in an excellent creamy and intensely tasty risotto.