A pastry shop with gluten free pastries

A pastry shop willing to sell gluten free pastries must pay the utmost attention while preparing them: no gluten contamination and high hygienic standards must  be guaranteed to its customers. Unfortunately today many pastry shops avoid selling gluten free products. Therefore, there  are more and more unsatisfied people following a gluten free diet because they must or they are willing to.

What a pastry shop for people with coeliac disease must do

Preparing gluten free food requires the utmost attention, because contaminations must be avoied. A good pastry shop for people with coeliac disease should have a special lab, so that the gluten used for classic pastries does not come into contact with the gluten free ones. If it is not possible, the alternative is to start the production of gluten free pastries later on, after the hygienization of the work area. Another important element to consider is the conservation of raw ingredients: classic and gluten free ingredients should always be kept separate. Eventually, hands must be always well washed, even while wearing disposable gloves: it is crucial to maintain good hygiene standards.

Ingredients for top quality gluten free pastries

If you are not willing to give up the taste of classic pastries, you must choose top quality ingredients to prepare perfect gluten free pastries. Wheat is the main ingredient to substitute, and is found in flour and many thickeners: rice or corn flour is an excellent substitute, because it does not contain gluten and delivers the same performance of classic flour. Its  high content of starch makes it perfect for basic pastries, such as sponge cakes, biscuits or “baked products”, in addition to thickening creams without changing their flavour.

Recipes for gluten free pastries: how to optimize the production phases

We have seen how much attention the preparation of recipes for gluten free pastries requires: time, correct separation of areas and great care are the core elements to have good results. If you want to quicken this process, you can buy gluten free ready-made pastries: pastry shops willing to offer gluten free products may therefore have safe and, above all, quick results. Le Celizie, that has always  been careful with the needs of those who follow this type of diet, offers many certified products to prepare gluten free pastries, including empty puffs to fill and create professional profiteroles, and the lingue di gatto cookies, perfect for creams, desserts and ice-creams.