Diet for the summer: advice

There is no denying it that the lockdown has severely tested our eating balance! But even if we have indulged a bit with pizza, sweets and alcohol it is possible to find remedy. So, here are some tips to follow for a summer diet to shed a couple of pounds without big sacrifices.

Point 1: follow a varied and balanced diet

Everyone knows it, but few do it: following a varied and balanced diet does not just reduce your weight, but gives a real boost to your metabolism! Often, due to lack of organization in our shopping, or simply laziness, we tend to always consume the same food (possibly, even the”wrong” food). Eating seasonal vegetables and fruits every day and alternating, over the week, white and red meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes and pasta / rice will give the body all the nutrients it needs. As far as cooking methods are concerned, simplicity is always rewarding: steaming or “grilling”, adding a drizzle of oil is to be preferred, while adding various sauces and gravies is to be avoided.

Step 2: choose light seasonings based on spices and aromatic erbs

The monotony of flavors is one of the things that makes dieting more difficult. Let’s try to make the food tastier and always “different” by choosing light seasonings based on spices and aromatic erbs. Curry, turmeric, tarragon, thyme, lemon balm, juniper, marjoram, oregano, pepper and, whatever more spices and erbs you have available, make your dishes tasty and even a little “exotic” … ideal if you love ethnic cuisine.

Aromatic erbs such as basil, mint and chives are also excellent: they immediately make the dishes fresher and more summery. Noteworthy is ginger, perfect both for seasoning dishes and to use in infusions.

Step 3: drink water to lose weight

Yes, it is trivial, but drinking water to lose weight works very well! We make it a habit to drink at least three glasses of water before meals: in this way we will start our lunch or dinner feeling already a little full. In addition, sipping water between meals will help you avoid feeling hungry and get to the next meal without too much appetite.

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