Filling for sweet and savory puffs

Soft and crumbly: puffs are priceless delicacies: their filling makes them even more irresistible and varies according to the taste of the person who prepares them. The filling for puffs can be either sweet or savory, since they are perfect as desserts, but also as appetizers for an aperitif.

Let’s take a look at some delicious ideas to fill our savory or sweet puffs.

Sweet filled puffs for an excellent end of a meal

Who does not love desserts? It is enough to taste one of them to improve a depressing day. Maybe the reason is they are a comfort food, but it is very difficult to refuse them, even after the heaviest meal. It is not a coincidence if they say there is a second stomach for desserts! Sweet puffs can be filled with the classic chocolate ganache or chantilly cream, but there are also alternatives. They range from a combination of dark chocolate & ricotta cheese with amaretto to yogurt cream enriched by crumbled red fruit. Pistachio cream filling is also much appreciated…and to make everything even more delicious, why don’t you try variegated chocolate?

Savory filled puffs and the aperitif receives a boost

They were created as desserts, but in the course of time their savory version has become a must: savory puffs can be filled in many ways…just leave room for imagination!

One of the most appreciated ideas which get everyone to agree is puffs filled with cheese spread  and ham, whereas if you are looking for a more refined version, try the combination of cheese spread and smoked salmon.

Vegetarian alternatives? No problem! Cut  some courgettes into stripes and pan-fry them with some extra-virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. Once they get slightly brown, add the courgettes  with robiola cheese and fill your puffs.

Whether you prefer sweet or savory puffs, the gluten free puffs by  Le Celizie, are the perfect base to let loose your imagination: gluten, lactose, palm oil and GMO free, they are the perfect choice if you suffer from food intolerance or if you just want to eat healthily!