Gluten-free autumn recipes

The summer, the sea, and the chilling out are now distant memories: we need to prepare for the arrival of the cold season. So, for the time being, let’s leave behind rice salads and cold dishes, the time has come to look for gluten-free autumn recipes such as soups, risottos and dishes for a tasty warm up! Here are some suggestions for bringing to the table delicious specialties prepared using seasonal ingredients.

Gluten free autumn recipes: let’s start with appetizers

Indulge yourself by playing around in the kitchen with colors, aromas and flavors. It is, however, important to consider one’s own and others’ food intolerances. If you have guests with celiac disease, for example, you need to create an ad hoc menu. Start taking notes, as we are going to suggest some gluten free autumn recipes, starting with appetizers. To start with, opt for vegetables, such as zucchini or eggplant, which you can fill them (perhaps with rice, the most used gluten-free cereal) or grill, if you love simple and super light food. Another perfect option is a delica pumpkin cut into slices; bake at 180 ° for about an hour and a half. And if you really want to treat yourself to a delicious appetizer, wrap the pumpkin slices with bacon.

Gluten-free first courses: risotto is centre stage

For your gluten-free first courses you can opt for a risotto, as long as you use quality rice. On Le Celizie e-shop you will find the Carnaroli Classico in the 1 kg pack, which does not flake or overcook, and absorbs the condiments for a prefectly creamy finishing. Furthermore, rice is highly digestible and is therefore suitable for all age groups: from the youngest to the oldest. As for the toppings you can opt for mushrooms, artichokes or, if you have a strong appetite, for a pumpkin & speck combo.

Gluten-free second courses: substance above all

If you want to try your hand at preparing gluten-free main courses, you will hardly go wrong choosing a meat-based dish, unless your guests are vegetarians or vegans. You can make turkey and courgette meatballs using gluten-free breadcrumbs. You can accompany them with home-made sauces based on yogurt, oil, salt and pepper. Another key dish is polenta: once cooked in the traditional way, you can enrich it with mushrooms and parmesan sprinkled at the top, so that once it is grilled in the oven, you get that delicious crust!