Hypocaloric snacks

Although this will probably be a slightly different summer than the others, temperatures are rising steadily. So here we are, then, fishing out of the closet those clothes that are lighter and that show off certain parts of our body. But nothing is lost: if the quarantine has “given” a couple of kilos to many of us, adopting a healthy diet, we can run for cover. Low-calorie snacks are a great life-saving solution you have to try!

Healthy and light snacks for savoury foods lovers

If a chasm opens up in your stomach between meals, don’t despair! If you are a salty foods fan you can choose from a wide variety of healthy and light snacks! All you need to do is organize yourself a little bit in advance to givce your body a great favour. For example, by peeling carrots and cutting them into sticks you can enjoy a ready-to-eat and 100% healthy snack. Just as excellent in the fennel variation, known for its diuretic properties. 

Are you on a protein diet? 50 grams of appropriately degreased raw ham or bresaola will be an excellent energetic, low-calorie snack.

We also highly recommend the rice and corn biscuits from Le Celizie, which have a high satiating power. You can enjoy them on your own or perhaps accompany them with a homemade vegetable cream!

Diet snack for those who love sweet foods

Yes, even lovers of sweet foods can treat themselves to a snack that satisfies all their cravings, with very little guilt. Among the various types of diet snack we can mention the fruit yoghurt which, with its variety of flavours, is able to gratify every palate. And for those with a sweet tooth, coffee yogurt or stracciatella!

Are you chocolate-addicted? No problem. Two squares of 70% dark chocolate will only do you good. 

The smoothies, based on fresh fruit and yoghurt or soy milk, have also been excellent and super trendy for some years now. 

Aspiring chefs, we turn to you: why not try your hand at preparing a super nutritious sweet avocado cream? Just taste two teaspoons of it and you’ll be full of energy.

Also try the crackers with a veil of jam on them!