Having an organism with strong immune defences is essential to protect one’s health and avoid various diseases. This applies more than ever in an emergency situation like the current one; the Coronavirus has made it necessary to revise many of our habits, but it hasn’t changed our eating style (even if we all eat a little more, let’s face it!). In fact, eating a rich and varied diet helps to raise our immune defenses and reduce the risk of contracting many diseases, including the Coronavirus.

Immune defenses and nutrition: what’s the link?

But what exactly is the correlation between our immune system and nutrition? Well, it’s no secret that a nutrient-rich diet is crucial to the development and maintenance of our immune system. This is also due to the fact that certain nutritional deficiencies undermine the body’s ability to “respond” to the virus and thwart it. On the other hand, the subject is obviously more exposed to certain infections. So let’s find out which foods should be preferred for consumption.

Immune system: how to strengthen it with nutrition

As mentioned above, if you are wondering how to strengthen your immune system you cannot neglect nutrition. Among the foods to be preferred obviously we have to include seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as protein that we can get through the consumption of vegetables, meat (preferably white) or fish. Obviously we cannot miss the first courses primarily made of rice and rice dough, corn or corn and rice that make for a real combo of mineral salts, fibers and vitamin B6. As a breaker of hunger then, nothing better than a couple of biscuits that make up a nutritious, but light snack. On Le Celizie’s e-shop you can find a multitude of tasty snacks to eat throughout the day, without any feeling of guilt towards your health!