Lactose and yeast free diet for a flat belly

Summer is approaching so the time we wear revealing swimsuits is getting closer and closer. One of the most critical points that do not make us feel confident about our body is often the belly, which is the protagonist of unpleasant swelling and discomfort, especially after meals. The food is responsible for this abdominal swelling, but at the same time it can become our best ally to prevent and relieve this annoying feeling. Just follow a detox diet for a few days, lactose and yeast free, to feel immediately better and get an immediately flatter belly! Let’s find out why together.

Foods to avoid to combat abdominal swelling

Abdominal swelling is not necessarily caused by food intolerance but may simply be due to an unhealthy and, above all, unbalanced dietary customs. Exceeding in quantity and not changing one’s habits on the table can in fact weigh us down: for this reason, it can be very useful to detoxify our body, eliminating particular foods from our diet. Foods to be avoided to combat abdominal swelling are mainly those containing yeast and lactose. Yeasts are in fact responsible for fermentation and the formation of gas inside our intestines. They are also rich in purines, i.e. nitrogen-rich molecules that if present in large quantities in our system tend to slow down the metabolism and therefore the digestion, causing that feeling of swelling. The same goes for dairy products: lactose, in the long run, causes a metabolic slowdown that prevents the burning of calories at the correct rate and causes an increase in fermentation processes, thus curbing digestion.  

Tips for a detox but tasty diet

Following a detox diet, which helps our body to balance itself and purify itself from the substances that weigh it down, does not necessarily have to imply a strict renouncement of the pleasure of eating with taste. It is enough to pay more attention to the matching of foods, to their cooking and above all to the quality of the raw ingredients we buy. We prefer high quality foods, poorly processed and above all free of additives, colourings and artificial preservatives such as those offered by Le Celizie, whose food proposals are designed to provide the characteristic foods of the Italian culinary tradition in their gluten-free, lactose-free variants and devoid of the main allergens. Whoever suffers from some form of allergy or wants to follow a detox diet can find among the Le Celizie products all they need, from pasta to farinaceous products, without forgetting sweets, to which it is difficult to say no! Like cat’s tongue cookies, gluten free, lactose-free and GMO-free, perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or a tasty breakfast!