Properties and nutritional values of quinoa

Originally from South America, quinoa was called “the mother of all seeds” by the Incas, because it is rich in nutritional properties: proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins are well balanced and make it a healthy and complete food. The properties and nutritional values of quinoa are the same for all its three types: white quinoa, the most popular and easiest to cook, red quinoa and black quinoa.

Is quinoa a cereal?

People often wonder whether quinoa is a cereal. The answer is no. Despite being used as such in recipes, it is actually a pseudo-cereal. The plant of quinoa belongs to the same family of spinach and therefore it contains no gluten and is recommended in diets for people with coeliac disease. Its grains are coated by a substance called “saponine”, that is usually removed to make this product even more digestible. Quinoa seeds are grinded and become a special flour with delicate flavour for sweet and savory dishes.

Quinoa: nutritional properties and benefits

Quinoa, with its nutritional properties, is considered one of the most nutritionally complete vegetables, therefore it is recommended in many types of diet: rich in mineral salts, like phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc, it is excellent for pregnant women and children. With a great filling power, low glycemic index, no cholesterol, it is the perfect food for diabetic or overweight people. Even sportsmen enjoy the  benefits of quinoa, because with about 350 kcal for 100gr and 14% proteins it is one of the most energizing protein vegetables. It contains nine essential amino acids and, together with amaranth, buckwheat and soy, it is a good alternative if you follow a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Quinoa-based recipes

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