Puffs have now become a staple of Italian pastries: each pastry shop displays them in its own window and everyone loves them, both young and old. They are available in many variations and can be filled with every possible cream to satisfy all tastes. However, preparing them at home requires time and manual skills. For this reason, today we present to you the ready-to-fill puffs, desserts that are easy and above all quick to prepare, for those occasions where speed is of the essence!

The sweet puff filling

There are many possibilities to prepare the filling for sweet puffs, from which you can choose the one that best suits your taste. The original cream puff is filled with custard cream, to be made simply with milk, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla. This being said, the custard can be flavoured in a thousand different ways, for example with coffee, lemon or chocolate: this way, you can fill the puffs with different types of flavours and thus present a variety of tastes. If the custard is not to your liking, you can prepare sweet puffs filled with whipped cream: simply whip up the cream and fill the puffs with a sac-à-poche. The possibilities don’t end there: sweet puffs are also great with strawberry and cream cream or ricotta and chocolate. In short, there are infinite ways to do this, but to give that extra touch that will make your puffs unique you can also prepare an icing, which will serve as a decoration!

Le Celizie gluten-free puffs

Even those who are intolerant to gluten should be able to enjoy a soft cream-filled puff whenever they wish. For this reason, Le Celizie offers tasty gluten-free puffs ready to stuff to your taste: the dough is made with rice, corn flour and potato starch, a mix that, together with the absence of lactose, makes them highly digestible. They are devoid of palm oil and artificial flavours and are made from high quality ingredients. They are therefore a healthy and genuine dessert, easy to prepare and, above all, allows you never to give up the pleasure of eating! We know that once you’ve tasted them you won’t be able go by without them, so we’ll tell you a secret: you can stuff them with a salty filling too!