The best rice variety: Carnaroli

When they have to prepare a risotto, chefs all over Italy have no doubts about which rice variety to use: Carnaroli. Carnaroli is also called “the king of rice” and it is considered the best rice variety because it perfectly holds up to cooking. It is a top Italian product, known and used all over the world: let’s discover together its nutritional values and benefits!

The properties of Carnaroli rice

Carnaroli rice was created around 1945 in the rice fields in Paullo, in the province of Milan, crossbreeding Vialone and Lencino rice. It is a very delicate and fragile variety, which requires great care while breeding: today Carnaroli is mainly organically bred, to respect the fragility of its plants and guarantee its artisan quality. Its grains are characterized by an elongated shape and a white pearly colour and are included in the category of superfine rices. One of the most appreciated properties of Carnaroli rice is its texture, which helps it be firm and compact even after being cooked. For this reason, Carnaroli is considered the ideal rice for risottos: it does not overcook and its high content of starch results in perfectly creamy risottos.

The nutritional values of Carnaroli rice

In addition to its typical gastronomic features, Carnaroli rice also has excellent nutritional values. First of all, its glycemic index is very low, therefore it is suitable, in small quantities, also for diabetics. Furthermore, it is one of the most digestible varieties of rice, because its starch is made of small granules that do not cause sleepiness and the annoying feeling of being stuffed.  It has a small content of proteins and high values of lysine, an essential amino acid that helps produce antibodies. Eventually, Carnaroli rice has a very low allergenic potential and does not contain gluten: therefore it is suitable for people with coeliac disease and for those who suffer from food intolerance.

The best recipes with Carnaroli rice Le Celizie

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